In 2006 Madonna starts her first H&M campagne ‘Madonna & Crew love H&M’. Some crew members of the Confession Tour were involved. I got al three tracksuits. I only wear the black one. So I keep the purple and white ones in my wardrobe to keep them original with the labels.

Most of the time I do get my Madonna items first, but this time my sister surprised me with the black tracksuit from Germany. 

I have made pictures from different H&M stores (The Hague – Rotterdam – Utrecht) in the Netherlands and went to Dordrecht bus station and Rotterdam – Beurs metro station – to capture some promo’s of the campagne. In Rotterdam I tried to get some of the stickers, but this was really hard to get off the wall.

I collected newspaper adverts, some of the large posters from the bus station, H&M promo bag, banner and store cards.